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Black vinyl grip. Punches a generous 5/32" x 3/4" horizontal slot for adding or elongating nail holes in vinyl and .019 aluminum siding to accommodate irregular stud spacing. Vinyl Siding Nail Hole Slot Punch

Midwest Tool & Cutlery MW-CT Siding Combo Tool Midwest Tool & Cutlery MW-CT Siding Combo Tool ... Combo tool punches both the nail hole slot and a snap lock in vinyl siding Punches or enlarges nail hole slot as needed ... Snap lock punch to secure siding to finishing trim. Raised tab is used in cut edge of siding at top of wall or below window to secure siding. Product information ... Malco NHP-1 Nail Hole Slot Punch - Malco NHP-1 Nail Hole Slot Punch by ... This is a simple tool, and does nothing more than punch an elongated nail slot in pieces of vinyl siding. I found it most useful for expanding existing slots when the slot spacing didn't align with the wall studs.

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Punches - 590 - Mega Sale! Save up to 27% | TR List Used for punching accurate nail slots fast and easy vinyl and aluminum siding. Wear proper safety equipment. ... Vinyl Siding Installation 3 In this case, a snap lock punch is great when it comes time to punch lugs in the siding edges, which would go on to be placed at the top of the wall or beneath a window. vinyl siding manual edit Deduct 1/2” for panel their movement. expansion and cut panel to length (review cutting E. Lock the cut siding panel into previously installed panel instructions page 4). Vinyl Siding Installation Tips | Premium Siding Supply

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Hole Punch for Vertical Blind Slats | ThriftyFun Ebay vender magnumtools sells a MALCO TNHP Trim nail punch for vinyl and aluminum siding that makes a 1/8 X 1/4 hole (slot is 5/16 w X 1/8).If you are building a lot of blinds, I bought a pneumatic slat punch from B&B manufacturer in Wisconsin. It was $1500. I can punch slats for fabric inserts or... Slot Punch | Popp Binding & Laminating

Nail Hole Slot Punch. SKU: 8595688. 1 review Tool used to punch 5/32 X 3/4 in. horizontal slots in vinyl or aluminum siding Clearance Tool used to punch horizontal slots in vinyl or aluminum siding to prevent buckling and allows for natural expansion and contraction

Snap lock punch. Nail Hole Slot Punch Occasionally, it may be. necessary to elongate a nail hem slot. The hole is elongated to allow for expansion andTo achieve designed performance, vinyl siding must be installed over a weather resistant barrier system that includes a continuous weather resistant... Buy TAPCO Vinyl Siding Slot Punch Nail Hole # 11376 online |… We use this to punch slots in 0.40 aluminum and it cuts fast and clean the first 100 times.On the good side it does pucnh holes. Проверенная покупка: да | Состояние товара: Новые. Этот товар не должен находиться на этой странице. Vinyl siding installation Vinyl siding installation guide. T H E P L Y G E M P R O M I S E : Variform products are backed by Ply Gem — a 75-year leader inA nail slot punch may be used in order to create additional slots in the vinyl siding to secure the panels. Slots should be no more than 16" apart and... Malco NHP-1 Nail Hole Slot Punch - Hand Tool Hole... -… "MALCO" NAIL HOLE SLOT PUNCH Slot 5/32" x 3/4" (3.97mm x 19.05mm) 5/8" throat depth (15.88mm) 8-1/2" length (216mm) Perfect for vinyl or .019 aluminum siding Horizontal slots allow for natural expansion and contraction of vinyl siding panels For adding elongating nail holes into siding...

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Unlike wood sidings, vinyl siding is "pre-colored" during manufacture, so it requires no painting. Unlike steel and aluminum siding3. Never nail through the vinyl siding itself. In situations where the slot has been removed and an undersill trim can't be used, use a special nail hold punch to create a slot. Malco Nail Hole Slot Punch - Redline from Product Information. Description. The Malco Nail Hole Slot Punch - Redline makes a generous 5/32 x 3/4 in. (4.0 x 19.1 mm) horizontal slot for adding or elongating nail holes in vinyl and .019 in. (0.48 mm) aluminum siding to accommodate irregular stud spacing. Constructed of hardened steel stampings... Malco Nail Hole Punch for Vinyl Siding If you're doing a vinyl siding or fiber cement siding project, these tools are invaluable. | See more ideas about Виниловый сайдинг, МеталлическаяThe Malco SL8R Vinyl Siding Snaplock Punch is a must have tool for vinyl siding work. This tool makes a perfectly sized and placed slot in siding... Types of Vinyl Siding - Options and Pros & Cons Vs Other…

Kobalt 9-in Snap Lock Punch at Shop kobalt 9-in snap lock punch in the punches section of ... Raised projection secures vinyl and aluminum siding to finishing trim. Vinyl Siding Installation Is Easier with the Right Tools Specialty Tools for Vinyl Siding Installation: Snap-lock punch: This tool is used to punch lugs into the cut edges of siding used for the top row of a wall or for directly beneath a window. Nail hole slot punch: Although your siding will have nailing slots already in it, sometimes it's necessary during installation to add a hole or expand an ... Vinyl Siding Tools | Vinyl Siding Tools that you need to apply vinyl siding to your house. Common vinyl siding tools, such as a hammer, fine-tooth saw, square, chalkline, level, ladder,tape measure, and safety glasses are needed for proper installation.