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The salary range of a casino dealer can be anywhere from $14,000 to $58,000 a year, depending on a variety of factors. The biggest factors in the wide salary range are the casino's starting pay, whether the position is hourly or salaried and the actual location of the casino. Craps Dealer Salaries - Average Salaries for Craps Dealers Becoming a Professional Craps Dealer; Average Craps Dealer Salary Rates. The average yearly rate for all Craps dealer jobs that are accrued by job sites and salary analysis sites is $14,000. By itself this average seems rather measly. When only considering hourly rates paid to casino craps dealers, this low average is generally spot-on. Average Salary for a Poker Dealer? | Yahoo Answers

As of 2012, gaming supervisors reported an average salary of $49,700 to the BLS. Those employed by hotel casinos earned an average of $53,080, while private freestanding casinos paid supervisors an average of $47,930 and government-operated casinos paid an average of $46,480. Casino managers earned an average of $71,390.

Casino dealer - definition of Casino dealer by The Free… Casino dealer synonyms, Casino dealer pronunciation, Casino dealer translation, English dictionary definition of Casino dealer. n. An attendant atRita, Pampanga; Amanda Marie Francisco, 23, online casino dealer, of Zabarte, Fairview, Quezon City; Janine Erica Bon, 21, online casino dealer, of Bgry. Casino jobs Wage casino jobs. Average wage. n/a. Latest job. April 2015. Average experience. n/a. Most required training. How Much Do Casino Employees Earn? ⋆ Online Slots Games Casino dealer’s duty is to guide the customer about the rules of the game. A casino dealer is accountable for monitoring game to make sure that no one is cheating. How much is minimum wage in Las Vegas :: Dealers casino Canada

How to Become a Casino Dealer: You Could Earn $50,000 a Year

Gaming Dealers - Bureau of Labor Statistics 39-3011 Gaming Dealers. The median wage is the 50th percentile wage estimate--50 percent of workers earn less than the median and 50 percent of workers earn more than the median. ... The location quotient is the ratio of the area concentration of occupational employment to the national average concentration. A location quotient greater than ...

May 08, 2019 · How much does a Casino Dealer make? The national average salary for a Casino Dealer is $42,932 in United States. Filter by location to see Casino Dealer salaries in your area. Salary estimates are based on 25 salaries submitted anonymously to Glassdoor by Casino Dealer employees

Whether you are a pit boss, bookkeeper or cage cashier, we run through all the different jobs at a casino and their respective salaries. Dealers - FAQ - Wizard of Odds I have been in the casino business for 27 years and have worked positions from dealer to casino manager. I am dealing now, and there is a player that comes in our casino and plays blackjack who has won $5,000 or more, for at least 30 … Blackjack dealer las vegas salary | Play Book of Ra slot And soul of the national average casino dealer, nevada, online games: a dime a service economy, the main attraction was tech bubble peak or other locations view us national salary range from tips. Blackjack dealer salary vegas - I Need Money Now: 30 Simple

However, at most casinos in the US you will receive minimum wage payments for the duration of your shift and, according to the BLS, the average mean salary for a poker dealer in 2011 was $21,930. This can change year on year depending on many factors from general economic growth to the popularity...

My answer was minimum wage plus tips, where tips account for the majority earned, but I'm not sure that is correct. One of the dealers had been working for 13 years at this casino. Can anyone give me the best guess as to annual income for a dealer, shift supervisor, or even a seasoned "eye-in-the-sky" guy or gal? How Much do Casino Dealers Make in California? Do casino dealers in California make a lot of money? What is the average pay for California casino dealers? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, casino dealers in California earn an average of $25,650 a year, equivalent to $12.33 an hour. This is 11% more than casino dealers nationwide, but it is 57% less than the typical California worker. Gaming Services Workers - U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Average blackjack dealer salary & How to Deal Pai Gow Poker Dealer's a blackjack game tables for example, average blackjack dealer salary ba. Taxes paid by the base pay only an average of the training and higher limit tables for all blackjack dealer job sites, they won't. How Much Money Do Casino Dealers Make? Find out how much money the casino dealer's in Las Vegas make in tips. An average toke amount is given for low, medium and high tier casinos.